What will Washington be like for the Next Four Years?

The pundits have entered their podiums with their predictions for Washington for the Next four years. There is as usual no agreement as to what politician will win what states, or what party will win the Senate. There is a lot of speculation, using computer generated models with probability and surveys with past voting behaviors factored in.

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Defining Libertarianism

A car company ran a commercial years ago that mentioned baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie as things that were truly American. They also added their company’s name in their to associate their name with all those other positive things. Who can be against liberty? Or democracy? Or the republic? Most political movements have names associated with things that all of us feel positively about. When you talk about liberty and freedom, you don’t often have many people saying they are against those things. So what exactly is libertarianism?

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A Short Biography On Rep. Ron Paul

Ron Paul is very familiar with how government works. He has served the state of Texas as a Representative for repeated terms. He has also run for President, first on the Republican ticket, and then later on as the candidate for the Libertarian Party. It is this association that has made him a hot topic in political circles. His views on government and politics are markedly different from the beliefs of many of his peers. He hasn’t let that slow him down though and he has become the voice for those people who are tired of the way that the government ignores and dismisses the problems of its citizenry.


Ron Paul was born in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There he learned the value of hard work by helping his family with their dairy farm, and then later holding other jobs all the way through high school. He graduated college in 1957, and then completed medical school to become a doctor. As a doctor, he served with the Air Force, and later with the National Guard. After that he opened his own practice and quickly became a successful obstetrician.

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